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With 20 years experience and expertise within the fibreglass industry, MSM (fibreglass) has continued

to grow year on year. The quality of the products we provide to our customers is of the highest specification and with honest and competitive prices to match. We have been involved in many

projects ranging from:




   * Formula Cars

   * Custom Cars

   * Classic Cars

   * One off's / Multiple's

   * Repairs / Modifications


Fibreglass is used to create a variety of simple or complex designs offering strength, durability

and versatility. We manufacture to suit your specific needs, including the use of Fire Retardant,

Weather Resilient or Chemical Resistant materials.



We also manufacture the 'tooling' (mould work) that is required to produce your product by using materials such as: Plaster, Polyester, Vinylester or Epoxy and to optimise the overall visual impact of your product you can choose from any BS or RAL colour pigment.





       * Funfair Rides

       * Water Trays

       * Flat Panels

       * Repairs



We offer our expertise and commitment to you, our customers. Targets are met and great

pride is taken in the workmanship of the products we manufacture ensuring our customers

are satisfied with the end result.



Our Company Motto: Where there’s a Wills there’s a way



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